Born in Akureyri, Iceland in 1972, Helga Kvam is a multi-awarded photographer, both in Iceland and internationally. Her works have been published in books and magazines world-wide and she has clients both in Iceland and abroad. She has taken part in many exhibitions, both solo and group exhibitions.

Helga also has taught numerous courses in photography and post-processing techniques all over Iceland, along with leading an introduction course into photography for all grammar schools for North Iceland’s Cultural Association. She has taught an esteemed course of Cultural Arts in a high school in Eyjafjörður for 5 years, along with bringing the photographic arts into the general high school environment.

Helga teaches fine art photography and technical photography in Akureyri’s Academy of the Arts along with working as a freelance photographer.
Helga served as a member of the council of Svalbarðsstrandarhreppur for 8 years, putting emphasis on culture and arts along with building up cultural awareness in the rural areas of Northern Iceland. Her Flickr gallery has gained wide recognition in the past few years, promoting the Icelandic nature and lifestyle, bringing the views and purity of Iceland to the viewers abroad. She has also worked as a board member for Iceland’s biggest internet community for amateur photographers, during it’s starting years.